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SIPS for Residential

Building or renovating a home? SIPs are the best investement you can make!

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SIP walls, roofs and floors can be used to:

  • Build your new home
  • Add on to your existing home
  • Build a stand alone garage


As a homeowner you will enjoy the many benefits and advantages of your SIP built home...

Energy Efficiency – by far the biggest benefit of the EnerSIP system. You will save 40% to 60% on heating and cooling costs – forever!

Design Flexibility - There are fewer restrictions to design and more choices to customize, from a simple cabin to a complex mansion.

Quieter and healthier living environment – EPS insulation is an excellent sound barrier, and the naturally tight construction of a SIP shell will prevent dust and allergens from penetrating your home.

Interior finishing made easy – No studs to find! The OSB surface provides a sturdy and continuous nail and screw base to which interior finishing materials can easily be attached. You will never have to look for a place to support a nail for pictures, curtains or cabinets ever again.

Green Product – EnerSIPs are environmentally friendly, fewer trees are required to build your home.

Premium resale value – EnerSIP built homes are two to three times stronger and more durable than stick-built homes.

Home Builder Benefits and Advantages:

Faster Construction – Framing, insulation and sheathing are combined into one panel which allows a builder to frame more projects per year. The average 2000 sq foot house can be erected within a day.

Less framing labour – Building with EnerSIPs requires less on-site labour – saving YOU money. EnerSIP provides on-site technical training for builders new to SIP construction.

No jobsite waste – There is a huge savings in waste at the jobsite, as EnerSIP panel packages come fully customized, meaning there is no on-site cutting and fabricating.

Easy to wire – Pre-cut electrical chases are built into every panel so that the wiring of the outer walls can be easily done.

Fully customized – With the EnerSIP system, all opening are cut and framed at the factory. Panels are built to the engineer’s specs, taking the hassle and guesswork out of design and on-site quality control.

Niche Market – Separate your business from the common stick builder. SIPs deliver a long list of benefits that are far more superior to conventional construction.