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Sips vs Stick

SIPs VS Stick
All-in-one factory manufactured building panel. Inner/outer sheathing, insulation - built into one panel. MATERIAL Fabricated on-site piece by piece lumber, insulation, inner/outer sheathing - installed one by one.
SIPs 2000 sq. ft. home fully insulated building envelope erected within 4 days by a crew of four. BUILD TIME Stick 2000 sq. ft. home constructed in 10-14 days by a crew of at least six.
Materials - 3-5% lighter than stick and batt.
HVAC system - smaller, less expensive than needed for stick.
INITIAL COSTS Materials - 3-5% lower than SIPs.
HVAC system - more expensive than needed for SIPs.
Monthly heating/cooling costs reduced by 40-60% LONG-TERM SAVINGS NONE
Typically carries a higher resale value. RESALE VALUE No resale advantages.
Consistent temperature throughout your home. INTERIOR COMFORT Inconsistent temperatures - "drafty" areas.